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AS7-3208 re-format help content to the max line length of 80 chars

was: 5c31713b41076a0ea1e2909e5e41a0dad81cce97

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CLI AS7-6335 support for wildcard expressions for deployment-info command

was: 6d2a1ea255ac5173146185964abf8efc236e3597

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AS7-3409 more precise results for deployment-info command

was: 1e6e271e520066d84098d09250e4d9178c7dfd0b

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allow operation headers in the standalone mode (originally, it was only the rollout plan which made sense for the domain mode only)

was: 9da92ed138ae7d4198acc9bb4cd22e8641e04b84

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AS7-3432 CommandContext.handle(line) method to be able to execute commands/operations from other handlers, a convenience toRequest() method on a Batch

was: 2ce1f54eb7ca439c8c67dfdf9bed6e1581a0f777

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