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Update deployment-overlay.txt

Removed repetitive actions

Fix for WFCORE-2358. Fix CLI deployment-overlay help.

Fix for WFCORE-1752. deployment-overlays relies on runtime-name

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Fix for WFCORE-2114. Update deployment-overlay help.

[WFCORE-1199] CLI Lists in non-interactive mode are erroneously split into multiple commands

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AS7-3208 re-format help content to the max line length of 80 chars

was: 5c31713b41076a0ea1e2909e5e41a0dad81cce97

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cli: updated the deployment-overlay help content

was: 2c5057f8f8258f924b5aeed79d2d9e3385244b62

cli deployment-overlay command: some more help notes

was: 7a23fec6d65d2c263275a41c9cd12ee7da3a545d

adapted deployment-overlay cli command for the domain mode

was: 3f5c5db0c435eec3ca86cd0b9e042931ce654206

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cli deployment-overlay command prototype work

was: 9fc397c079cb3b72dfbdd463be77c7c3f36401ab

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