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Add option to not add a carriage return

Removed extra files.
- Fixed a bug where overriden setters and getters would be improperly detected as duplicated methods.

- Added more tests.

use http.proxyUser and http.proxyPassword for authentication
Adding script`

Applying Chris' changes:

- Fixed CharBuffer.appendNoCheck method which was incorrect for case where offset was not 0.

- Refactored CharEncoder hierachy:

+ Simplified AbstractCharEncoder.

+ Added String encode(String) method on CharEncoder.

+ FastURLDecoder and FastURLEncoder now extends AbstractCharEncoder.

+ JBPORTAL-1970: Improved exception messages by using ParameterValidation where possible.

- Added ParameterValidation.throwIllegalArgExceptionIfRangeInvalid to check range.

- Added test cases.

- Added more test cases for border conditions and error checking.

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