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JBEPP-33 - no validation for cookie value with SSO

Will not work until repo accept to sync and few adjustements probably

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default admin user is 'admin'
JBPORTAL-2286 - OpenSSO Valve Doesn't Set ssoEnabled (Login prompt in modal box instead of full page)
* fix the logic bug pointed to by the security team


JBPORTAL-2261 - fix how defaultAssignedRole was handled
JBPORTAL-2272 anonymous access in ldap
- fix configuration for LDAP empty roles

- fix findUsersFilteredByUserName returning set of SearchResult object

- push minor search roles improvements


- stupid bug...
JBPORTAL-2019 - Notifications for identity
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- Adding userStatus to the request for i18n purpose
Small API change to be able to wrap this object
Add option to make portal authentication non case sensitive - customer request
Add optional check to disable non case sensitive authentication with LDAP
throw exception on User.updatePassword failure
fix connection pooling settings
make sure to close all used NamingEnumeration objects
Add identity event for user profile change
fix - close LDAP context
JBPORTAL-1730: IdentityServiceControllerImpl : unregister existing MBean service before to re register them

(Applied to Branch_1_0)