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JBPORTAL-1952: Portal navigational state replication broken

JBPORTAL-1948: Render Parameters Not Replicated

JBPORTAL-1875: RenderResponse.getNamespace() generates a not correct value
Fix build
Fix build
JDK 1.5
PHP Portlet *prototype*
Write should keep the offset and length parameters

Fix testsuite
update portlet container 1.0.x to latest changes in web module
update 1.0 snapshot to common and web update
fix more SequenceBuilder migration issues
JBPORTAL-1787: Runtime clone before write of a Producer Offered Portlet using the remote storage state management strategy produces a local storage instead of a remote storage
update portlet container 1.0.x to use common trunk (fix getUTF8Instance usage)
Apply bridge fix, module dependency and minor stuff

Branching 1_0 based on 1.0.0 tag

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