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metamer: reload the page when IndexOutOfBoundsException occurs during processing of templates

metamer: TestPanelMenuFragmentShowcase: change expand event to double click

metamer: TestWrappingValidatorSingle: replace invoking of blur

metamer: ins: replace invoking of blur

metamer: is: stabilizing testClick test

metamer: calendar: stabilizing tests

metamer: placeholder: stabilizing tests

metamer: TestAutocomplete: added waiting to testTypePrefixDeleteAll_typePrefixConfirm

metamer: inplaceInput: replaced some smoke tests

metamer: instantiationTimeout for drone increased

qa: increasedWaitIntervals profile fixed

metamer: added possibility to increase graphene wait intervals by system properties, added profile with increased intervals

metamer: upgraded wildlfy-cli to 8.2.1.Final

metamer: orderingList: remove the logging of capitals from getter

command-line-tools: getLatestMavenRepository: when error with download occurs, delete the archive and retry the download

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metamer: contextMenu: updated samples and created test for @sticky (RF-13437)

metamer: push: mark TestRF14255 as @Unstable

qa-maven-plugin: url for released parts fixed

metamer: edt: missing test case for JS API added (RF-14277)

metamer: edt: missing tests for JS API added (RF-14277)

metamer: favor use of multiple attributes setter in testRequestEventsBefore

metamer: split testng suites for input and tables into two parts

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metamer: edt: stabilize tests for selection

metamer: calendar: fix test for @jointPoint after changes from RF-10782

qa-maven-plugin: support for specifying path to EAP zip manually

metamer: TestRF12031: skip test with MyFaces (RF-12536)

metamer: select, inplaceSelect: added test for disabled items (RF-6678)

metamer: pickList: added test for disabled items (RF-4491)

metamer: pickList: reproducer for RF-6678 renamed to RF-4491

metamer: orderingList: removed reproducer for RF-6678