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fixing error due to neon upgrade

upgrading to Neon TP

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    /targetplatform/JBTIS Neon Linux x86_64.launch
Provide a Rule to have access to CamelModel in Unit tests (#510)

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FUSETOOLS-1778 - Improve support of Global Elements (#506)

- Modify interface to have access to CamelFile

- Support selection of Element in the Tree

Fix Unit tests which were ignored in maven build

- Use UTF-8 to be platfrom-indepedent

- remove the src/test/java folder from build.properties

extracted xml catalog generator code into own maven module (#509)

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Use classical Maven structure for unit tests (#508)

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FUSETOOLS-1789 - Provide validation isntead of removing data (#504)

- Add validation on diagram

- Add validation on Details section for Ref and data format field

--> Diagram validation is listed twice in tooltip in order to have 2

markers in the XML file and in problem view

--> refresh of field validation is not done when the other field is

changing, requires to select something else and get back

FUSETOOLS-1820 - allowing user friendly duration values (#507)

FUSETOOLS-1788 - Support Boolean in Sub Components (#505)

fixed wrong icon size for global config endpoint

FUSETOOLS-1789 - Refactor Property views code (#500)

- now can write tests on each subparts

- started to factorize code between views for parameters of types

Booleans, Numbers, Class Based, Files and Unsupported types.

- it doesn't solve FUSETOOLS-1789 but ease investigation

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FUSETOOLS-1806 - using the java classpath for grabbing camel catalog info for properties (#503)

FUSETOOLS-1817 - first endpoint in route is a from definition always

FUSETOOLS-1808 - display warning instead of error when referencing an element outside the xml file

finished preparations for Fuse 6.3 / Camel 2.17 (see FUSETOOLS-1753)

Diable JBoss Tools usage reporting in test to avoid popup blocking tests

Merge pull request #497 from lhein/FUSETOOLS-1718

basic new camel project wizard (templates still missing) - FUSETOOLS-1718

Merge pull request #16 from apupier/FUSETOOLS-1718

Fusetools 1718 - add integration test for creating a camel project with new wizard base don default configuration

FUSETOOLS-1718 - Add Integration test when creating a new Camel project with default configuration

Remove unused import

added new eip icons

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more code improvements

improved PR, added tests

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Merge pull request #499 from apupier/UseNamedParameterizedTest

Use Better naming for parameterized tests

Use Better naming for parameterized tests

Merge pull request #494 from apodhrad/FUSETOOLS-1779

FUSETOOLS-1779: One change is applied more times in SAP components

FUSETOOLS-1779 - Move IT test to correct plugin

Merge pull request #498 from robstryker/JBIDE-21205

JBIDE-21205 (related) - fusetools is broken for runtime detection

JBIDE-21205 (related) - fusetools is broken for runtime detection