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ISPN-10145 Command execution error should log cache name

ISPN-10133 Update Windows scripts

* Fixes startup with JDK 11

ISPN-10112 lurking reference to ispn-cli script

ISPN-10131 taking sites offline with SYNC only

ISPN-10111: removing SB issue about duplicate MBean registration

ISPN-10112 for community only

ISPN-10099 Use execution default-test instead of java8-test

Using the default execution allows modules to disable surefire

the same way for Java 8 and for Java 10+

ISPN-10111 duplicate mbean registration

ISPN-10109 Use https urls in maven settings

ISPN-10108 - Query Project - Store the test results using TestNG

ISPN-10102 Bound checks with byte should be 1

ISPN-10101 Windows: Missing module ModuleIdentifier{name='org.apache.lucene', slot='@lucene.module.slot@'}

ISPN-10098 Remove misc deprecated server code

ISPN-10097 Remove unused "start" attribute from server config

ISPN-10095 Shared stores should throw exception when cache is local

Small JavaDoc fix

ISPN-10091 Documentation for DNS_PING

Co-authored-by: Don Naro <>

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ISPN-10090 Allow running TestNG tests without TestNGTestListener

* Only check for thread leaks at the end of the test suite

* Don't check for leaks in AbstractInfinispanTest

or TestResourceTrackingListener

* TestNG/JUnit listeners will crash if they detect a leak

(and TestNGSuiteChecksTest didn't detect it first)

* Include TestNGSuiteChecksTest in default profile in core

ISPN-9440 CoordinatorStopTest move to unstable group

ISPN-10068 AllClusterExecutorTest.testExecutorTriConsumerTimeoutException

* Replace scheduled executor mock with CheckPoint

* Replace CheckPoint.await() with CheckPoint.awaitStrict() everywhere

ISPN-10024 Log the file name when dumping threads programmatically

ISPN-10070 DefaultCacheManager should stop components after start failure

ISPN-10077 Fix ClientSocketReadTimeoutTest.testPutTimeout

ISPN-9841 Non-blocking Hot Rod authentication

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ISPN-10083 filename tokenizer

ISPN-10082 Caffeine module missing unsafe dependency

ISPN-10080 Test cache managers created in other threads cannot with UDP

ISPN-10079 Upgrade to jboss-modules 1.8.7.Final

ISPN-10040 Embedded and server thread pool defaults should be the same

* Server thread pools now read from embedded

ISPN-10072 Core module should export reactive-streams for store implementations