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Run Downloader during prepare-package phase. Just run "mvn package"

Downloading XSDs and archetypes

[FUSETOOLS-1202] added generation of a meta data file for connectors in camel for the editor palette (non-Scala version)

Migrating tools/ide-buildtools from Scala to Java

added fabric8 feature to update site

moved breakpoints nodeId to beginning of the name (see FUSETOOLS-1179)

Layout and delete all breakpoints context menu action only shown when no figure selected (see FUSETOOLS-1184)

fixed problem with refreshing diagram nodes on removal of breakpoints (see FUSETOOLS-1171)

collapses all palette categories by default except the Endpoints category

Update Build.md

reworked Fabric8 tooling

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Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/fusesource/fuseide

move model to core feature and diagram view to editor bundle

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Update Contributing.md

Update Build.md

updated to JBTIS 4.2.0.Alpha8

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    /targetplatform/JBTIS Kepler Linux.launch
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    /targetplatform/Vanilla Kepler Linux.launch
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deactivated fabric8 module for now

fixed some warnings

major rework of manifest files due to PDE bug + added more fabric logic

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fixed wrong version which lead to jenkins failures

fixes classpath issues for embedded snapshot dependencies

started work on fabric8 jmx facade

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fixed problem with laying out disposed forms on deletion of diagram nodes which are selected

upgraded tycho repo utils plugin to 0.21.0

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    /targetplatform/JBTIS Luna Linux.launch
Merge pull request #125 from pleacu/JBTIS-245

JBTIS-245 - update jbtis 4.2 dev TP

JBTIS-245 - update jbtis 4.2 dev TP

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Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/fusesource/fuseide

fixed the broken JMX feature installation

Update ReadMe.md

reapplied missing part from patch BZ1031156