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page-fragments: select: replace invoking of blur in select method (RF-14287)

RF-13437: enable sticky contextMenu

RF-14277: fix row deselection

RF-4491: prevent removal of disabled items

RF-6678: prevent selection of disabled items

RF-10782: make input width 100%

RF-14277: fix behavior for selection modes

RF-4491: implement disabled items for pickList

RF-14277: fix function call

RF-14277: fix JS row selection in extendedDataTable

RF-6678: implement disabled options for select

RF-14275: fix dataScroller page aliases

Merge pull request #166 from hazendaz/master

[RF-14280] Update maven supplied plugins to latest

RF-14274: upgrade Atmosphere JavaScript (2.3.2)

RF-12778: implement select expand/collapse methods for panelMenu

Merge pull request #165 from richfaces/RF-14165-showcase-cleanup

Rf 14165 showcase cleanup

fragments: removed selenium api dependency version

added missing maven checkstyle plugin version to examples (RF-14288)

JBoss JavaEE API upgraded to 3.0.3.Final

showcase: tomcats versions updated

managed version of jboss-as-controller-client and jboss-as-arquillian-container artifacts removed

version.jboss-as7 upgraded to 7.2.0

[pom] Update maven-assembly-plugin to 2.6

[pom] Update maven-compiler-plugin to 3.5.1

[pom] Update maven-release-plugin to 2.5.3

[pom] Update maven-clean-plugin to 3.0.0

[pom] Update maven-source-plugin to 3.0.0

page-fragments: contextMenu: fixed default @showEvent, refactored triggering of contextmenu/contextclick event on phantomjs (RF-14273)

showcase: attachQueue sample: added intentional delay for showing the status during ajax request (RF-14270)

Merge pull request #164 from richfaces/release/4.5.16.Final