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[JBAOP-814][JBPAPP-10467] Make Dispatcher handle toString() calls better
Make 2.1.6-SNAPSHOT again
Prepare 2.1.6.GA_CP06
[JPAPP-5925][JBAOP-806] Make IBM workaround also work on Oracle JDK
Next snapshot version
Update dependency versions.
[JPAPP-5925][JBAOP-806] Workaround for IBM JDK
Update dependency versions.
Next snapshot version
[JBAOP-812] At AspectManager.getAdvisors(), access domainsPerClass inside a synchronized block.
[JBAOP-811] Remove bridge flag from generated methods.
Next snapshot version
[JBAOP-807] ContainerCache should clean up containers on undeploy
Get rid of eula files
[JBAOP-804] Port proxy factory fixes from trunk
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Fix for JBPAPP-3083. aopc report generation no longer throws an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release JBoss_AOP_2_1_6_GA_CP01
[JBAOP-798] Privileged block in ClassProxyFactory.populateMethodTables()
[JBAOP-796] Fix typo.
[JBAOP-796] Add an instance(Class<?>) to AspectManager and make woven code use that method instead of instance()
[JBAOP-773] Build is broken, and the solution is to update the jboss-test version used.

For that reason, this issue fix is being ported to JBAOP_AOP_2_1_6_GA_CP branch.

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Fix for JBPAPP-4456. JBoss AOP now handles cases where classes were loaded by something other than AOP.

Make sure _setInstanceAdvisor() is synthetic

Create CP branch for 2.1.6

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