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JBPAPP-10452: fixing issue when setting role's DN to rolesCtxDN

SECURITY-811, Don't process role-roles mapping if assignedRoles RoleGroup is null
setting next development version 2.0.9-SNAPSHOT
releasing jbosssx 2.0.8.Final
cleaning up this shit

[SECURITY-804], backport for Branch_2_0
setting release version 2.0.7.Final
[SECURITY-782] Fixing {EXTC:timeout} detection problem.
setting next version
Version change for release 2.0.6.Final
[SECURITY-774] Enable white-space in parameters for external password command
JBPAPP-10556: CryptoUtil.hasUnlimitedCrypto() returns true even if the unlimited JCE cryptography is not installed

Backport from EAP 6

Support external password for keystore of PicketBoxVault implementation (backport for eap5)
[SECURITY-775], backport vault functionality in jbosssx for EAP5.3
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[JBPAAPP-10875], backport Role-To-Roles mapping module for EAP 5.3
Backport of [SECURITY-729] Create mechanism to cache passwords from external source for login modules
Backport of [AS7-5737] Changes to handle LDAP referrals correctly. Use javax.naming.referral=follow as login module option to have the smoothest behavior.

Set "allowReferralsForAuth" true|false for handling roles which reside in referral's tree.

[JBPAPP-10547] changing default allow empty password value to prevent using empty passwords by default.
chnaging artifact version back to 2.0.6-SNAPSHOT
marking future version of artifacts (2.0.5.SP3)
[JBPAPP-10453] Passwords not exposed to the log file anymore.
fix POM to be importable by Eclipse M2E.
[JBPAPP-8856] added possibility to check Java Security Manager permissions in code which is processing deployment descriptors having the file's URI as CodeSource in policy.
[SECURITY-705] DatabaseServerLoginModule
changing version of artifacts back to SNAPSHOT
marking future version of artifacts (2.0.5.SP2)
marking future version of artifacts