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[SECURITY-270] Move release branch back to trunk
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[SECURITY-279] Update for JBoss 4.2.3.GA.
[SECURITY-279] Documentation updates - add JBoss 5.0.x
[SECURITY-279] Documentation second pass updates.
[SECURITY-279] Documentation first pass updates.
[SECURITY-269] Document support for multiple KDCs for redundency and fail over.
[SECURITY-271] Refactor MechTokenMIC decoding to common base.
[SECURITY-142] Detect NTLM and log an appropriate error.
[SECURITY-270] Only support SPNEGO.
[SECURITY-270] Remove NTLM authenticator from first release.
[SECURITY-270] Remove NTLM test from first release.
Remove redundant files.
[SECURITY-271] Fix build errors post re-factor.
Code tidy up
Branch for stability leading to release.
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