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[SECURITY-764] Relocate JBoss Negotiation code to git.
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Next is 2.1.5
Preparing to tag 2.1.4.GA
[SECURITY-723] SPNEGO backport of additional Kerberos ticket decoding
[SECURITY-737] spnego AdvancedLdapLoginModule cannot cope with roles contains a slash
Next is 2.1.4
Next is 2.1.3

[SECURITY-704] Also update the jbosssx dependency to 2.0.5.SP2 to use the updated API.

[JBPAPP-9731] spnego login modules
Next is 2.1.2
[SECURITY-129] Add public API to access the delegated credential if available.
[SECURITY-572] Added support for Kerberos v5 tokens in place of SPNEGO tokens.
[SECURITY-673] Bring versions in-line with AS5 for use in EAP5
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[SECURITY-672] Next is 2.1.1.GA
[SECURITY-672] Create branch for the 2.1.x releases.
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