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setting next development version 2.0.9-SNAPSHOT
releasing jbosssx-spi 2.0.8.Final
setting release version 2.0.7.Final
setting next version
Version change for release 2.0.6.Final
[SECURITY-775], backport vault functionality in security-spi for EAP5.3
moving version back to 2.0.6-SNAPSHOT
marking future version of artifacts (2.0.5.SP3-1)
moving version back to 2.0.6-SNAPSHOT
marking future version of artifacts (2.0.5.SP3)
changing version of artifacts back to SNAPSHOT
marking future version of artifacts (2.0.5.SP2)
marking future version
marking future version
[SECURITY-689] changing artifact version
[SECURITY-689] changing artifact version
[SECURITY-689] - porting changes from upstream

SubjectInfo->getIdentities should return unmodifiable list

SubjectInfo : methods to remove the identities

SecurityContextUtil clearIdentity should use the proper methods for SubjectInfo remove

SECURITY-679: Setting next dev version
SECURITY-679: Set the release version
Backporting a fix for a ConcurrentModificationException in org.jboss.security.SubjectInfo.getIdentity()


SECURITY-506: Set next release version
SECURITY-503: fixing NPE with empty login module options
SECURITY-506: prepare 2.0.4.sp4
SECURITY-506: bump parent of jboss to version 5
SECURITY-505: fixed source folder locations
SECURITY-497: loadClass bottleneck
SECURITY-490: remove unused imports
SECURITY-490: remove the two lists as these need to be local to the authorize methods of sub classes
SECURITY-495: cache the class instance
SECURITY-483: Synchronized access to SimpleRoleGroup's list of roles to avoid ConcurrentModificationException