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JBTM-3326 Nested participant AfterLRA call in complete scenario should be postponed until the parent LRA completes/compensates

Conditional loging "Could not end XA resource"

JBTM-3327 Update Quarkus to 1.5.0.Final

[JBTM-3324] static analysis coverity fixes

JBTM-3323 LRA server filter is registered twice

[JBTM-3321] use non USER priority for REST-AT inbound bridge JAX-RS filter

CI SCRIPTS: astests clustering needs greater surefire timeout than the default 5400

JBTM-3320 LRA forget calls for nested completed participants are not repeated and do not close the LRA

Updated to 5.10.6.Final-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to 5.10.5.Final

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[JBTM-3319] MicroProfile LRA spec dependency to version 1.0-M1

[JBTM-3318] WORKAROUND ignore the failing test on CI

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[JBTM-3317] adding dependencies on reactive to the shaded jars to build javadoc on JDK11

Formatting the code on rules of org.wildfly.checkstyle:wildfly-checkstyle-config and for fix JBTM-3315

[JBTM-3315] Adding verbose scan methods for RecoveryDriver

[JBTM-3316] using lra.tck.timeout.factor instead of shortDelay/longDelay in LRA TCK

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JBTM-3313 FailedLRAIT tests in basic testsuite fail

JBTM-3087 Upgrade microprofile snapshot dependency version

JBTM-3312 After LRA notifications can keep the LRA in Active state

JBTM-3310 only report failed LRAs

JBTM-3087 Upgrade MP-LRA snapshot dependencies

JBTM-3307 Temporarily disable LRACoordinatorRecovery2TestCase

LRA - upgrade eclipse mp-lra api and tck version to 20200428

JBTM-3247 Add missing file for FailedLRAIT test

CI SCRIPTS: a follow-up fix for stabilizing AS_TESTS axis (WFLY-13385), the change of the connection-timeout has to be propagated into the jboss-cli.xml before the tests start

JBTM-3276 SlotStore implementation. part two - refactor to add disk backend.

CHANGE PR TEMPLATE: Run Windows too by default

JBTM-3293 Add lra-coordinator-war module

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[JBTM-3302] adding information about checkstyle rules to PR template

CI SCRIPTS: stabilize AS_TESTS axis, see more at WFLY-13385