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make sure we enable the correct invocation providers and by that all tests are passing

further test fixes, only a couple failing now...

added resulthandler functionalty, updated tests

removed tests thats been moved to aesh-readline updated several tests to work with the latest changes

updated to latest version of aesh-readline

added support for CommandNotFoundHandler

moved tests from æsh to æsh-readline

continue to tidy up tests

further test improvements

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update tests to work with latest aesh-readline changes

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Alias have been moved to aesh-readline

fix import

make sure that æsh works with the latest readline changes

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further cleanup and fixes

update to comply with recent aesh-readline changes

Merge pull request #237 from hokuda/ignore_comment

Parser.doesStringContainOpenQuote() should ignore a comment

Parser.doesStringContainOpenQuote() should ignore a comment

Merge pull request #235 from hokuda/master.double_backslash

handle double backslash

handle double backslash

Refactor away Process and ShellImpl from ReadlineConsole. Need to have some sort of ProsessManager logic, not implemented yet

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Finally getting some tests to run correctly. Still checkstyle errors+++

Initial attempt to rewrite tests to work with the new api.

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Update to readline api changes. Added connection() to Settings.

Removed code thats not needed anymore

Removed Config, its replaced by the Config class in aesh-readline.

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Not needed anymore, replaced by aesh-readline

Removed Example and renamed AeshExample to Example Renamed some CommandInvocation methods

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completion should now work better

add simple completion functionality

further work, commands should not properly be able to read input lines and input keys