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RF-11585: add issue simulation

Created pages and beans to simulare issue + added CDI dependencies into Metamer. But still doesn't work, getting CDI related exception on application deploy

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Fix test for onsubscribed: add waiting for JS execution

Since webDriver command can be executed faster than JS in browser, there is required give browser some time to execute JS invoked from test, and then execute assert.

Add condition def. for attribute value contains something.

Kitchensink: mobile tests finshed

Metamer: InplaceSelect: wrong validation message fixed.

tests for kitchensink-mobile added, custom testng.xml created for known failing tests for kitchensink mobile

temp files created by emulator added to .gitignore

temp files created by running kitchensink mobile tests deleted

temp files created by running tests deleted, test adding new member in kitchensink for mobile version added

RFPL-1744: Metamer: created samples and tests for validation messages.

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Metamer: AbstractWebDriverTest fix for expectedReturnJS.

attaching sources and classes jars refactored (to avoid warnings)

removed unnecessary maven-buildnumber-plugin

added resource filtering so that Metamer version is displayed in application

RFPL-2263 - added sample for progress facet of file upload to the list.xhtml

excluded libraries extracted to properties

removed debug logging

Metamer: refactored validation messages

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moved script

* the port where the selenium server is running changed from 8444 to 14444

because of conventions from arquillian drone

* the downloaded file now contains version

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packages for mobile and desktop kitchensink versions refactored, testng suite files altered accordingly, selenium version property removed from kitchensink pom.xml as it is redundant

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AjaxSelenium changed to GrapheneSelenium AjaxSeleniumContext changed to GrapheneSeleniumContext

AjaxSelenium changed to GrapheneSelenium AjaxSeleniumContext changed to GrapheneSeleniumContext

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Tests for desktop kitchensink added - view members details, REST api

tests for desktop kitchensink added, licence headers added

overriding selenium versions removed, added dependency on webdriver-utils

slf4 impl dependency added to jbossas-managed-6 profile

added tests for kitchensink archetype desktop version - client and server side validation

testng configuration files fixed for showcase ftest

added testng listeners and customized test suite to run for kitchensink archetype ftest

version of archetypes in archetypes script upgraded to 4.2.2-SNAPSHOT