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RF-14297: fix source component resolution

RF-10966: add ajax event handlers to select

RF-14298: fix ajax rowclick in datatables

RF-10966: add status attribute to autocomplete

RF-13537: fix onbegin in autocomplete

showcase: integration-tests: ITestArrangeableModel: remove unnecessary cleaning of filters and added wait for table rows (RF-14293)

photoalbum: integration-tests: encapsulated fields, added waiting to header panel, removed unused methods (RF-14296)

RF-12242: fix dropDownMenu show event handling

RF-12731: fix queue setup

showcase: integration-tests: added missing request guards, cleanup browser cache before test, some tests cleaned up and fixed (RF-14293)

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build-resources/integration-tests: retry page load extension added (RF-14292)

showcase: remove unsupported layout switching in tests (RF-14291)

RF-12731: fix queue in mobile showcase

RF-14268: remove nested forms from mobile showcase

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page-fragments: select: replace invoking of blur in select method (RF-14287)

RF-13437: enable sticky contextMenu

RF-14277: fix row deselection

RF-4491: prevent removal of disabled items

RF-6678: prevent selection of disabled items

RF-10782: make input width 100%

RF-14277: fix behavior for selection modes

RF-4491: implement disabled items for pickList

RF-14277: fix function call

RF-14277: fix JS row selection in extendedDataTable

RF-6678: implement disabled options for select

RF-14275: fix dataScroller page aliases

build-resources/integration-tests: set page load timeout (RF-14290)

Merge pull request #166 from hazendaz/master

[RF-14280] Update maven supplied plugins to latest

RF-14274: upgrade Atmosphere JavaScript (2.3.2)

RF-12778: implement select expand/collapse methods for panelMenu