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Server renaming in runtime detection tests and Server requirement.

"JBoss EAP" -> "Red Hat JBoss EAP"

Fix installation UI plugins on mac

Change the way of recieving path to config files.

Add profiles for differen CDI version test suites

Update arquillian bot test to be in synch with Central name change

Fix reddeer property keys

Remove eclipseName property and use the one from parent pom

Parent pom includes eclipseReleaseName which has the same purpose.

It currently contains neon in master.

JBIDE-21725 Remove RedDeer repo properties from integration tests

The reddeer-site property is now set in parent pom so that other

repos may consume it if needed.

Improved quickstarts test output.

Added required bundle instead of import package in runtime detection.

Also small bug in pom.xml was fixed.

Fix minor issues in WS tests

First tests for easymport added.

Tests for Plain Java project, Plain eclipse project, Eclipse feature

project and Eclipse Java project.

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Changed reddeer.config to rd.config in Central tests.

Requirements xmls switched to reddeer v1 in central and runtime-detection tests.

Add cause exeption when cancel cannot be found

Added new automated UI test for Arquillia Cruiser View

Added classes to support automated testing of Arquillian preference pages in JBoss Tools and JBDS

Use RedDeer master to build JBT

Tests for Hibernate 5

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Open persistence file via Project api

Fix reddeer dependency range for AS tests

Fix reddeer dependency range for batch and arquillian plugin

OpenShift 2 tests fixed

Runtime detection product tests stability improvements.

OpenShift smoke suite

Set minimal RedDeer version to 1.0.0 for OpenShift tests and plugin

Added OpenShift tests to create a new OS3 Server adapter

Added license info to classes headers for OpenShift plugin and tests

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Set minimum version of RedDeer to 1.0.0 in easymport plugin.

Added New OS 3 server adapter wizard handling tests