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[JBPAPP-10549] Fix for jaxws 2.1 additions

[JBPAPP-11084]:Revert jaxws-api version to 2.1.3 to include the jrs181-api.jar in the distribution
adding test of custom JAXB validation handlers for outgoing messages
Moving to next dev cycle

Preparing for tagging

Using latest cxf and wss4j forks

Using latest common and framework

[JBPAPP-10911] Allow disabling Nagle's Algorithm on ws clients

- Fixing testsuite pom to allow running testsuite against current EAP 5.3

- Use same JAXWS api jar as in native stack

- Fix some log file issues

- Use latest jbossws-common and framework snapshots

Fixing build: removing entry in assembly plugin configuration for an unmatched dependency

Fixing jaxws api version to pull in what's in EAP5 repo

Using latest snapshots of cxf and wss4j forks

[JBPAPP-10708] Adding a testcase and moving to latest cxf

Excluding test

[JBPAPP-10687] Avoid NullPointerException when spring bean is not annotated with @WebService or @WebServiceProvider
[JBPAPP-10687]:Fix ClassNotFoundException exception
Use cxf 2.2.12-patch-06-SNAPSHOT

[JBPAPP-9224] Fixing the fix... (wrong ws-sec pol 1.1 ns)

Adding testcase showing how to force WS-Addressing 2004/08 usage instead of default

fix AS deployment
Test RSA-OAEP key wrap algorithm in SignEncryptTestCase

[JBPAPP-10420] moving to latest wss4j snapshot

[JBPAPP-10410] fix endpoint instantiation concurrency issue
JBPAPP-5021 minor changes in TP reference
Endorse jaxws-api.jar

[JBPAPP-9224] archive for testing committed deployment check

[JBPAPP-9224] adding prop for disabling check

Minor code cleanup

Use cxf 2.2.12-patch-04

[JBPAPP-9224] Workaround for preventing potentially vulnerable scenarios