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[JBPAPP-7601] Move to Santuario 1.5.2 and add GCM algorithm support

Fixing testsuite compilation

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[JBPAPP-6827]:update jbossws-common to 1.0.0.GA_CP07
[JBPAPP-6247]:Add test case and modify the related schema file to remove the DOCTYPE
JBPAPP-6559 upgraging jbossws-spi version to 1.0.0.GA_CP03-brew
[JBPAPP-5827]:Updated PasswordType's namespace
[JBPAPP-5827]:updated WSSE namespace
[JBPAPP-5597]:Updated the test case
[JBPAPP-6253] backport - implementing support for protocol in wsprovide
[JBPAPP-5597]:Get bindingType from serviceImpl class
[JBPAPP-4080]:Verified and applied patch by Rostislav Svoboda to fix the build on Windows;Thanks Rostislav!
[JBPAPP-5700]:Fixed SAAJimpl does not set the correct NS prefix in SOAP header and body elements
[JBPAPP-4075]:Changed test.log location to the relative path
[JBPAPP-5597] MTOM + WS-Security not working
[JBPAPP-5597] MTOM + WS-Security not working
[JBPAPP-5597] MTOM + WS-Security not working
[JBPAPP-5597] MTOM + WS-Security not working
[JBPAPP-5486] Timeout value gets inserted into URLs.
[JBPAPP-5258] Reduce Logging Level for MessageContextJAXWS when WSDL URL fails conversion to URI.
[JBPAPP-5576] port-component-uri in jboss.xml ignored for JAX-WS / EJB3 deployments (Test Case)
Updating svn:externals to anon svn url

[JBPAPP-5546] SAAJ Where an Element is added to the SOAPBody this should be converted to a SOAPElement.
[JBPAPP-5506] Revert incorrect change.
[JBPAPP-5506] Setting a new config at runtime the properties are not available to RemotingConnectionImpl
JBPAPP-5354 ecxlude test because of IBM JDK 5
Moving to latest jbossws-common

[JBPAPP-4515] JAX-WS Asynchronous Client Exception issues.