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support for AS 6.1.0.Final
creating 3.4.1 stream branch
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tagging JBossWS Native 3.4.1.GA
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updating release notes
prepare for JBossWS Native 3.4.1.GA tagging
[JBWS-3184] refactoring endpoint instantiation out of invocation handler to allow proper synchronization
[JBWS-3181] Applying patch

[JBWS-3139] workaround wsdl4j 1.6.2 IPv6 issue
[JBWS-3139] propagate jboss.bind.address JVM property to tests
[JBWS-3160] Updating release notes

allign with new SPI
upgrade JAXR to 2.0.2
[JBWS-3171] create WS ctx for EJB3 WS endpoints too
[JBWS-3168] Branching for jbossws-native-3.4.1

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