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JBPORTAL-2088 - uploading a file shows up in list when it's not approved
- JBPORTAL-2084: fixed detection of need to call modifyRegistration.

- Now perform value normalization to consider empty String as null since we can get both from JSF.

- Improved status reporting.

JBPORTAL-2081: NPE when deleting a portal

- JBPORTAL-2084: Should now correctly detect when a call to modifyRegistration is needed.

Don't let the admin delete a default page

JBPORTAL-1832: -object.xml files should be orderable

Contribution from Sylvain FRANCOIS (syllant), thanks !

- Found an issue with V1ProducerBaseTest.configureRegistrationSettings which was not configuring registration settings properly.

This resulted in incorrect tests and not properly handling the case where registration was required to access the full service


Fixed missing path to common module in AOP classpath.

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Using local references but at least i can now build the javadoc

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Upgrading jboss-cache

Upgrading jgroups

Adding jboss cache library within the CMS SAR for default configuration in AS 4.2.3

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2.6.6 tagging

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