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RichFaces version updated to 4.5.17-SNAPSHOT

qa: unused property eap61Zip removed

qa: redundant version of managed arquillian-browser-screenshooter dependency removed

qa: replaced shrinkwrap descriptors dependencies with bom

qa: updated tomcat 7/8 and shrinkwrap dependencies

RichFaces version changed back to snapshot

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

[maven-release-plugin] prepare release

RichFaces upgraded to 4.5.16.Final

metamer: push: added reproducer and test for RF-14255 (Subtopic missing in processPreSubscriptionEvent)

metamer: ajax: added reproducer and test for RF-13776 (a4j:ajax problem with hierarchical component IDs)

metamer: menuItem: fixed namespace in reproducers for RF-12845, enabled tests with jsf 2.1

metamer: menuItem: skip tests for RF-12845 with jsf 2.1 (RF-14266)

metamer: placeholder: tests for inplace components refactored (RF-12609)

metamer: tabPanel: testActiveItemWithImmediate added (RF-11735)

qa: removed properties for deactivating browser profile from release script and release plugin

metamer: @Skip annotations containing multiple versions of EAP replaced

metamer: inplaceSelect: testOnFocus fixed (RF-12609)

metamer: inplaceSelect: testEditEvent fixed (RF-12609)

metamer: inplaceInput,inplaceSelect: testInputWidth refactored

metamer: menuItem: added reproducers and tests for RF-12845

metamer: inplaceInput: fix the script for setting values in jsr303/csv samples (RF-12609)

qa: browser profile moved to ftest modules, qa-maven-plugin firefox configuration moved to xml file

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kitchensink-ftest: make the inserted emails unique, so the unstable tests can run repeatedly

metamer: inplace input/select: test for @showControls improved (RF-12609)

metamer: select: added reproducer and test for RF-11063 (select is not at same level with text)

metamer: select: added test for RF-14259 (error styleClass removal after select>type>delete)

metamer: orderingList: added test for RF-14261 (orderingList will not shift the page, when body has 'rtl' direction)

metamer: fileUpload: added tests for RF-14258 (sending/selecting the same file repeatedly should trigger js error events)

metamer: pickList: added test for RF-14256 (@keepSourceOrder + @onremoveitems)