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[JBPAPP-10129] Adding test case for @XmlType.propOrder fix
[JBPAPP-10129] fixing checkstyle errors
[JBPAPP-10129] Adding in fixes from CXF-4729 and CXF-4680 regarding property order of exception types
[JBPAPP-10129] Merged patch from CXF-4735. Pick up @XMLJavaTypeAdapter on Setters in Exception classes
[JBPAPP-10129] Commit after applying changes from CXF-4591 including roll back patch
[JBPAPP-10129] - Commit after applying changes from CXF-4542. This allows the annotation for @XMLJavaTypeAdapter to picked up on exception classes
[JBPAPP-10129] Create one off patch branch
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