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CHANGE PR TEMPLATE: Run Windows too by default

JBTM-3284 Fix TckRecoveryTests

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[JBTM-3295] LRA CDI when fails on non providing @Compensate/@AfterLRA method has to show the problematic classname

JBTM-3273 -> Implemented code review comments

CI SCRIPT: Add a profile to test DB_TESTS

CI SCRIPT: on LRA testing using -fae maven option

TEST CHANGE ONLY: Use DB2 driver from Maven central

JBTM-3287 Add LRA API dependency to ThornTail LRA coordinator

JBTM-3286 Expose OpenAPI and Swagger definitions for LRA coordinator

LRA - upgrade eclipse mp-lra api and tck version

[JBTM-3283] using Thorntail version 2.6.0.Final as it fixes issues on parsing arguments for container and startup

[JBTM-3280] unignoring the LRA #timeLimit TCK test as it's not failing on CI anymore

This was probably fixed by some other PR provided to the Narayana LRA

codebase meanwhile. It's not obvious which could be the cause of this

stopped to fail on the CI. Prior to that it was not reproducible on

local machine but it was failing on CI.

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JBTM-3272 forgot to remove renamed test

JBTM-3281 Forget should be called for nested participant when the parent LRA is closed

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JBTM-3273 -> Avoid implementing InvocationHandler in jtaLogger

JBTM-3276 SlotStore implementation. javadoc improvements.

JBTM-3276 SlotStore implementation. part one review fixes

JBTM-3278 Require that LRA method must be combined with Compensate or AfterLRA

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PROFILE HANDLING: Don't comment on profiles that are not expected

JBTM-3276 SlotStore implementation. This is part one, with the in-memory backend.

JBTM-3261 Merge LRA branch to the master branch

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PROFILE HANDLING: Update the names of the PROFILEs

JBTM-3271 javadoc failures on later JDK 11 releases

workaround for

[JBTM-3270] tracking persisted REST-AT participant for removal not showing warning in the server log

[WFLY-13295] RTS inbound bridge has to be activated for plain EJBs as they are transactional by default

[JBTM-2858] activate restat inbound bridge, deactivated by mistake during jdk9 fixes

JBTM-3249 Verify that later revisions of Narayana can read old log records

JBTM-3249 Verify that later revisions of Narayana can read old log records

[JBTM-3265] afterLRA failure loading state before the finishing the LRA end method

[JBTM-3268] configure maven to compile Narayana on JDK9