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Rewrite of snmp-adaptor to use a new stack, snmp4j, as well as include support for

v2c, v3 of the protocol, GETBULK operations, and tabular objects, and MIB generation.

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Update version strings for next development iteration
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updating CXF version to include fix of [CXF-3740]
[JBWS-3337][JBWS-3338] fixing singleton de/serialization & @Addressing annotation propagation
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Update JPA deployers
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[JBAS-9438] Upgrade AOP to 2.2.2.GA
JBAS-8814 Upgrade to latest EJB3 version to bring in the reverts that were done to ejb3-core for PU/PC handling
Revert changes for JBAS-8563 due to the regressions introduced
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[JBAS-8913]; update MC Kernel lib
JBAS-9164 "Upgrade to latest available version of RESTEasy"

JBAS-8814 Upgrade EJB3 dependency to bring in the fix for EJBTHREE-2227
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Upgrade jbossweb to CR2

Fix JBAS-8297, JBAS-8579 and the ones in the jbossweb changelog file.

JBAS-9425 Upgrade to hibernate 3.6.6-Final
Update JBCL, Deployers and Weld.

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JBAS-8807 Upgrade to latest EJB3 version to fix EJBTHREE-2263 related to secured singleton beans
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JBAS-9418 Upgrade to HornetQ 2.2.5.Final
Use latest Weld 1.1.2.AS7 -- temporarly, before we cut proper 1.1.2.Final (1.2.0.Final)
JBAS-8813 Upgrade to 1.0.0.GA of slf4j-jboss-logmanager
JBAS-8810 JBAS-8811 JBAS-8809 JBAS-8819 JBAS-9407 Bring in many of the logging fixes and upgrades
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[JBAS-9417] Upgrade to jboss-bootstrap:2.1.0-alpha-6
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JBAS-8814 Upgrade EJB3 depchain to 1.0.1 to bring in some latest EJB3 fixes
[JBAS-9409] Switch to use JBoss JSTL Spec API jar
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[JBAS-9211]; fix case sensitive VFS handling by updating to VFS3.0.1.GA.

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JBAS-9408 upgrade to hibernate-jpa-2.0-api-1.0.1.Final
JBAS-9404 Upgrade to hibernate 3.6.5-Final
JBAS-9393 Upgrade to hibernate 3.6.4-Final
JBAS-9386 -upgrade Remoting to 2.5.4.SP2
JBAS-9043 - Upgrade Remoting to 2.5.4.SP1
JBAS-7950 Upgrade to 2.2.2.Final of HornetQ (ported the changes from http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/jbossas/branches/JBPAPP_5_1/hornetq-int/)
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JBAS-8814 Upgrade to latest EJB3 depchain