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[JBCACHE-1635] RemoveOnEvictActionPolicy should return true if node doesn't exist

[JBCACHE-1633] ExpirationAlgorithm ignores entries loaded from a cache loader

Add tranaction ID to log message about unmatched rollback.

Fixed some log messages

[JBCACHE-1621] Handle RollbackCommand processed before its matching PrepareCommand.

[JBCACHE-1621] Make GlobalTransaction unique even across a restart of an instance using the same IP:port

Update release.sh to accept point release versions > 9

[JBCACHE-1620] Fix race condition when two nodes try to create the same child while locking

[JBCACHE-1619] Send rollback messages OOB

[JBCACHE-1617] Skip unmarshalling of return values that will be discarded when making a remote call

[JBCACHE-1618] Don't hard-code OOB to false

[JBCACHE-1609] Don't lock the entire parent's subtree when inactivating a region

[JBCACHE-1607] Don't remove locks from other threads

[JBCACHE-1616] Add descriptive message to error log, instead of just logging exception

[JBCACHE-1604] Fix NullPointerException in ResourceDMBean.invoke()
Upgrade version to 3.2.9-SNAPSHOT
[JBCACHE-1613] Put fix into a finally block so it works regardless of exceptions/early returns

[JBCACHE-1613] Fix data corruption between threads when using JTS transaction manager

[JBCACHE-1615] Improve performance of DummyInMemoryCacheLoader#remove for large caches

[JBCACHE-1612] removed logging of user+password when getConnection() fails
[JBCACHE-1610] Add cache.jdbc.node.useSetBlob cache loader flag to work around problems in Oracle driver and Blobs

[JBCACHE-1605] synchronize methods that change the Cache's state

[JBCACHE-1601] Test case

[JBCACHE-1601] Fix data deletion issue with cache.getNode and passivation (for all but OPTIMISTIC, due to JBCACHE-1602)

[JBCACHE=1603] Change default eviction wakeupIntervalSeconds to 5 instead of 5000 for legacy configuration format

[JBCACHE-1600] CacheJmxWrapper no longer ignores ClusterConfig attribute.

Remove outdated JBoss EULA
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[JBCACHE-1590] Rename CommandAwareRpcDispatcher stop() to stopDispatcher() to avoid name conflict with parent class's method

[JBCACHE-1571] (ClusteredCacheLoader throws NullPointerException when configured with ignoreModifications) Fixed.
[JBCACHE-1582] (ExpirationAlgorithm doesn't evict nodes that have been created in a long Tx) Fixed test name.