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[SECURITY-797] Fixed a bug where the DatabaseRolesMappingProvider will attempt to use an empty result set if the rolesQuery returns an empty set. This causes the authentication attempt to fail.

[SECURITY-796] Fixed an issue where the LdapExtended login module does not handle a user that has a slash character in the uid

[SECURITY-788] PicketBoxSecurityVault is not writing data to store after removing from map in memory
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[BZ1050058] Adding Java Security Manager checks.
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Add cleanSubject() to JASPIServerAuthenticationManager
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[SECURITY-780] Fixing {EXTC:timeout} detection problem.
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SECURITY-769 Port changes applied to picketbox-container
SECURITY-777: Make static maps thread safe
[SECURITY-771] Enable white-space in parameters for external password command
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[SECURITY-770] Support external password for keystore of PicketBoxVault implementation

patch by Ivo

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SECURITY-759 Configuration problems that can result in an AuthException when getting the ServerAuthConfig or ServerAuthContext are now logged at ERROR level
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Add support for the JACC '**' role (any authenticated user).
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SECURITY-753 Mask credentials when logging the LDAP connection environment
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Fixed the registration logic in JBossAuthConfigFactory. Changed JASPIServerAuthenticationManager to store the AuthException in the security context
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[BZ#901312] CryptoUtil.hasUnlimitedCrypto() returns true even if the unlimited JCE cryptography is not installed
[BZ#948109] New implementation of Security Vault.

Merging r408 through r449.

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Allow null value for AuthConfigProvider in the register methods to comply with the spec
SECURITY-750 Changed DBUtils.getRolesSets() method to receive the TxManagerJNDIName as a parameter

SECURITY-751 Fixed message that would incorrectly report an invalid KeyStore type when the KeyStore URL is null

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[SECURITY-749] LdapExtLoginModule cannot cope with roles contains a slash - fixed
[WFLY-1668] Cache passwords from external source for LdapExtLoginModule doesn't work with {EXTC}

Call fixed.

SECURITY-731, SECURITY-732: JASPICallbackHandler now merges roles and subjects retrieved from Callbacks with those found in the underlying security context. Previous behavior was to override the security context completely
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[AS7-5737] Fixed referrals traversal for roles stored in LDAP referral.
[AS7-5737] allowReferralsForAuth option removed as we are not supporting username/password in referrals
[SECURITY-729] fixing logging in case of improper time out number is configured
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[SECURITY-729] Adding mechanism to cache passwords obtained from external sources supplied to login modules. Use {EXT} - non-cached, {EXTC[:timeout]} cached with optional expiration in milliseconds.
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Role-To-Roles mapping module added (PRODMGT-82)
[JBPAPP6-1704] Changing default of allow empty passwords to false.
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[AS7-5737] Changes to handle LDAP referrals correctly. Use javax.naming.referral=follow as login module option to have the smoothest behavior.

Set "allowReferralsForAuth" true|false for handling roles which reside in referral's tree.

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