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* subversion property svn:keywords "Revision" set on all sources

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* added rich:toggleControl

* jboss-scanning.xml added so that Guava and SLF4J jars don't cause problems in JBoss AS

* added logging executed JSF phases into a4j:log

added richfaces-ui-output in dependency - got the src building

* added two pages for rich:togglePanel

* added jboss-web containing context root

* a4j:log on the page refactored. Now it is rendered all the time but hidden by default. Page for testing log doesn't contain this common log.

* composite component "attributes" moved from namespace testapp to metamer

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* added rich:subTableToggleControl to Metamer


* added 3 pages for rich:subTable


* a4j:attachQueue added

* unnecessary logging removed from A4JQueueBean


* added a4j:queue

* common a4j:log's level changed to debug

move tests from trunk
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Richfaces 4.0 change svn structure

start moving trunks

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tweaked a4jPush/testInterval to be more stable
support for parametrization of classes and methods with @Templates
improved saving of failures to separated directories by package/class/method names and files by parameters
introduced name parameter for AbstractModel (used on #toString() method)
added waiting for isAlertPresent for testFireEvent methods
own extension to logging to include test parameters
changed output from TemplatesList#toString - do not write , at the end + do not write plain at the end with exception that only plain template is used
set the currentConfiguration in each state of test (start, sucess, failure, skip) to be available in test attributes
* fixed method toString in VersionBean

* added version bean so that application's version can be shown on pages

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* namespaces fixed

* fixed

added forgotten headers and javadoc for DataGrid
added DataGrid test case; fixed passing default value of templates property from maven to MatrixConfigurator; derived static metod for loading List<Capital> in bean/Model
added MatrixConfigurator (and modified ConsoleStatusTestListener) to listener list in ftest/pom.xml