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org.teiid.designer.ui.bot.test.properties renamed to swtbot.properties
Saving all filles after each test - correction
Teiid bot tests: added TopDownWsdlTest
TEIIDDES-1435: Upgrade scripts for raising version numbers

* upgrade-version.pl

** Script for modifying the version number of teiid plugins. This simply

replaces the current version number with the argument provided on the

command line.

** upgrade org.teiid.designer about.properties

** upgrade features feature.xml files

** upgrade plugin manifests

** upgrade pom.xml files

** upgrade user guide master.xml file

* update-help-toc.pl

** script for modifying the urls in the table of contents file (toc.xml) in

the help plugin. This can change the url between the redhat product and

community urls as well as updating the version the urls should point at.

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TEIIDDES-1422 adding missing IResource accept() method due to upgrade to 3.4 JBT
Edited "ignored" resource settings
Should not be checking in bin directories
TEIIDDES-1422 updating pom.xml's JBT parent pom version to: 3.4.0.M1-SNAPSHOT
Merge 7.7.x branch back to trunk/master

* ui.bot.test plugin from master upped to 7.7.1

Merge taken from 7.7.x commit

* sha id 63909830dd9b8ac3857e227e7c6a992d9cb98b97

* svn revision 2657







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Teiid bot tests: Fixes test feature build failures

* Feature.xml updates to reflect change in bot testing plugins

Teiid bot tests: correction of 'Creating new Teiid Instance'
Teiid bot tests: MANIFEST.MF bundle-name correction
Teiid bot tests: two projects ext and tests was merged into one project test
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Teiid bot tests: pom.xml correction
Teiid bot tests: two projects 'ext' and 'tests' merged into one project
  1. /trunk/tests/org.teiid.designer.ui.bot.test
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JBIDE-12088 Merge all Teiid requirement builders (7.4 - 8.0) into a single target. Updated as recommended in the description and tested.
Teiid bot tests: correction in creating new teiid instance
Increased timeout
Removed osx profile
JBIDE-11086 upgrading Teiid Designer's trunk pom.xml to include parent snapshot: <version>3.3.0.CR1-SNAPSHOT</version>
Added profile for Mac
remove svn:externals mapping 'https://svn.jboss.org/repos/jbosstools/trunk/tests/plugins/org.jboss.tools.ui.bot.ext org.jboss.tools.ui.bot.ext' from tests/ folder in trunk (JBIDE-11450)
change to pom.xml for bot test build
upgrade to teiid-7.7.0.Final to fix build error
upgrade snapshots to 7.7 for build error
upgrade snapshots to 7.7 for build error
reverted back recent changes
reverted back recent changes
Removed echoing of systemProperties and added argLine argument to tycho-surefire plugin configuration.