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fix logging

Reusing sleep

Adding High CPU thread option

Adding debug information

Using group address on binding as well

Muticast fixes

Trying to add NIO

Adding NIO

some logging

Bug on loop

update logging

Adding script capability

Adding multi thread on waitForBroadcast

removing logging that is too verbose

update to logging

Adding udp-tracker

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BZ-1806709/ARTEMIS-2637 Making UDP client discovery resilient

In case there is a hardware, firewal or any other thing making the UDP connection to go deaf

we will now reopen the connection in an attempt to go over possible issues.

This is also improving locking around DiscoveryGroup initial connection.

This is bringing the commit from artemis: https://github.com/apache/activemq-artemis/pull/2994

NO-JIRA Disabling Checkstyle

I have been constantly cherry-picking (I mean.. copy & pasting) changes from artemis on this codebase

and it is being annoying to adapt to checkstyle between hornetq and artemis style.

So, from now on... the style is mixed.. new code could be artemis' style, and current code stays as is

HORNETQ-1581 LargeMessage copy(long) leak files

In LargeServerMessageImpl.copy(long) after the newMessage

is copied, its file should be properly closed.

Otherwise the file is leaking.

HORNETQ-1580 Large message's copy may be interfered by other threads

In LargeMessageImpl.copy(long) it need to open the underlying file in

order to read and copy bytes into the new copied message. However

there is a chance that another thread can come in and close the file

in the middle, making the copy failed with "channel is null" error.

HORNETQ-1579 Messsage's doesn't make a full copy of its properties

When MessageImpl is doing copyHeadersAndProperties() it doesn't

make a full copy of its properties (a TypedProperties object).

It will cause problem when multiple threads/parties are modifying the

properties of the copied messages from the same message.

BZ-1730102 Back Porting fix from ARTEMIS-2053 on compactation issue


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HORNETQ-1578 Exceptions are swallowed, making it hard to diagnose issues

NO-JIRA Avoid NPE during backup shutdown

When a backup starts without a live, it's nodeID is null.

Added a null check in ClusterConnection's stop() to avoid

NPE if it's shut down.

NO-JIRA Improve and Fix tests

- Increase some timeouts

- Improve wait

- Fix some incorrect tests

- Add more logging in tests

HORNETQ-1575 Fix new connection establishment after failure during failover

In a live-backup scenario, when live is down and backup becomes live, clients

using HA Connection Factories can failover automatically. However if a

client decides to create a new connection by itself (as in camel jms case)

there is a chance that the new connection is pointing to the dead live

and the connection won't be successful. The reason is that if the old

connection is gone the backup will not get a chance to announce itself

back to client so it fails on initial connection.

The fix is to let CF remember the old topology and use it on any

initial connection attempts.