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Add source jar to errai-api build.

Fix bug in IsElement javadoc.

Fix ERRAI-904: Incorrect processing of nested braces in @PathParam regexes

Test that singleton, native JS type beans are not proxied.

Upgrade ip-bom and ip-parent to 7.0.0.CR3.

Improve bootstrapper startup by replacing hashmaps with lists in FactoryHandleImpl.

Improved JavaDocs for ShadowService

Add low-level logging to the dependency graph builder.

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Unwrap proxies when checking widget type in BindableProxyAgent.

Fixes for RPC shadow services (see below)

- RPC return value now properly passed on to remote callback

- Shadow services are now being used if the message bus is

offline, remote communication is disabled or no remote

endpoint for the service exists

- No longer attempt to contact remote endpoint if message

was deferred or was already delivered to a shadow service

- No longer swallow exceptions thrown by shadow service


- Test coverage

Filter out mvel NullType when generating dynamic validator.

Test RPC methods with generic payloads + use lamabdas for test callbacks/runnables.

ERRAI-932: Provide more informative error messages

Improved some error messages around rendering @Templated beans

to include information about the @Templated beant type and

@DataField name involved in the error.

Update GWT DTD for Errai Forge ModuleCoreFacet (dead URL caused test failures).

Create API jar using Maven Shade plugin.

Upgrade wildfly dependencies to support dev mode with Wildfly 10.

Fix IOC generation infinite loop when a parameterized type is injected with and without type arguments.

Merge pull request #171 from aofner/fix-readme

Fix "errai issue tracker" & twitter link

Fix "errai issue tracker" & twitter link

Write generated source to correct package folders in .errai dir.

Add wiring type for pseudo-scopes, validate lack of pseudo-scope cycles (with tests).

This commit changes @EntryPoint and @Singleton to pseudo-scopes, meaning

they are not proxied and cannot be in a cycle that does not contain a

normal-scoped bean.

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ERRAI-937: Looking up unqualified beans with Instance<T> fails.

Also fix implementations that did not

retain qualifiers of original Instance.

Support array members in qualifiers in client-side CDI events, and test Class members.

Fix test for dynamic qualifiers.

Support looking up dynamic annotation members by name

Add support for getQualifiers to JsTypeBeanDefs

* Todo: better support for array members.

* Todo: fix test

[ERRAI-934] DOMTokenList is missing apis (#169)

Support validation of values by individual constraints.

Support dynamic serialization of qualifiers on the server and introduce minor changes to CDIAnnotationUtil (description below).

* Create DynamicEventQualifierSerializer that uses reflection to access qualifier properties.

* Use the DynamicEventQualifierSerializer if CDIExtensionPoints can't load or generate a static impl.

* Fix the package name of CDIAnnotationUtils (still had ioc in it but it is now in codegen).

* Support getting qualifier properties with reflection as well as codegen API (in CDIAnnotationUtils).

Upgrade Guava from 19.0.0.jbossorg-1 to 19.0.0.jbossorg-2