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profile for EAP 6.1.0 updated

Merge branch '4.3.x' into wfk22

Merge branch '4.3.x' of into 4.3.x

Changed version of Metamer and Showcase portlet

Arquillian Glassfish container version updated

added button inside popupPanel so that it's easier to reproduce RF-12850

Metamer: rich:validator tests: fix call deprecated Graphene.element() routine

Metamer: Two push component test fix: add waiting until events fired

RichFaces version changed back to snapshot

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

[maven-release-plugin] prepare release

RichFaces version changed to 4.3.2.CR1

RF-12846: added @accesskey attribute to Metamer samples

test for autocomplere fixed

CDK version updated

Graphene upgraded to 2.0.0.Alpha4 and Drone upgraded to 1.2.0.Alpha2

metamer: contextMenu: added more tolerance to @direction test

metamer: calendar: sample for current date fixed

wrong namespace prefix fixed

depracated code refactored

Selenium downgraded because of failing fileUpload tests

metamer: progressBar: fixed tests and added missing tests for style and styleClasses.

metamer: select: added some waiting to testFiltering method

metamer: notifyStack: added some waiting to generation of messages.

RFPL-2729: Add validator tests into selenium2 testng group

Metamer: add back AbstractValidatorTest removed accidentally

RFPL-2729: Metamer: rewrite validator tests using webdriver

Metamer: add tooltip tests into Se2 testng group

Metamer: Fix test for two push

Waiting for XHR causes problem described by selenium error as 'page didn't become active' and click on button to trigger push update doesn't result in appropriate output updated.

showcase tests for message,messages and notify rewritten to Selenium 2