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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/4.3.x' into wfk24

RFPL3275 fix page fragment for editor

samples and tests for r:graphValidator refactored and fixed

changes in AbstractListTest reverted

metamer: dropTarget tests fix

metamer: compilation error fix

metamer: MatrixConfigurator replaced

  1. … 151 more files in changeset.
replaced JUnit's asserts with TestNG's

two tests for r:list fixed

metamer: returned back the jstl api

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/4.3.x' into wfk24

facelet for RF-13018 reproducer updated

metamer: reproducer for RF-13018 a4j:commandButton wrong actions performed

metamer: testRows tests fixed

Drone upgraded to 1.3.0.Final

metamer: TemplatesConfigurator fix

photoalbum-ftest: increased wait time for adding of an image

photoalbum-ftest: testng version changed to 6.1.1 beccause of bug in order of depending tests

photoalbum-ftest: fixed failing tests

metamer: workaround for Arquillian+TestNG issues * when there remains no test method after all test methods are configured in a class, the DroneEnhancer will throw an exception when deEnhancing the test (no before/after test events are triggered) * running a single test method will not close the browser window (no afterClass test event is triggered; TestNG issue #274 or #392)

metamer: hotkey: tests for @preventDefault fixed (RFPL-3277)

metamer: added padding to some menues samples to stabilise automated tests in various templates (RFPL-3276)

metamer: fixed order of configuration method

metamer: added workaround for Drone exception

metamer: removed ConsoleLoggerExtension

Wildfly upgraded to 8.0.0.Final & metamer-ftest arquillian changed

* for JBoss AS, EAP and Wildfly containers using of just standalone.xml

is fine - we do not need JMS support right now

* switched to use just them for metamer-ftest

metamer-ftest: jboss & wildfly home property deleted from arquillian.xml

metamer: MetamerTestInfo: NPE fix

metamer: Templates annotation: removed param included

deprecated WebDriver drivers removed