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Nexus repository has been moved - address changed

test for issue RF-12132 moved to Future group

page fragment for editor fixed (verified FF24, FF31, Chrome 38)

version of qa-maven-plugin fixed

command-line-tools: added some scripts for use in Jenkins environment * for downloading Maven and QA repository from Jenkins job * for failing Metamer build, when there is too many skips

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test TestOrderingListAttributes.testOnblur stabilized

RF-13889 The page which used attached code was created

metamer: TestListWithScroller2 test speedup

wait time in test for notifyStack increased

RFPL-3502 priority setting removed, tests for mouseover event fixed

plugin repositories added

RF-13864 reproducer created

RFPL-3502 test to test order of client event during collapse panelMenu was enabled

RFPL-3502 testMouseOver stabilized

RF-11749 test added, change structure of dataTable component in column test

RF-13852 xhtml reproducer page added

RF-11749 reproducer created

Test stabilization - TestEditoJsApi

RF-13852 reproducer created

tests for sorting tables refactored, unnecessary tests removed

WildFly detection fixed

Tomcat upgraded to 8.0.12

test for slider fixed

RF-13840 created reproducer

Fixing checkstyle violations

reproducer for RF-13842 created

Firefox upgraded to 31 ESR in Jenkins profile

metamer: select: added reproducer and test for issue RF-12312

Arquillian profile for WildFly 9.0.0.Alpha1 added

Selenium upgraded to 2.43.1