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metamer: enabling of WebSockets and undeploying of Metamer war before testing is now enabled only with 'browser' profile active

metamer: select: added test for @valueChangeListener

metamer: inplaceSelect: facelet @valueChangeListener fixed

metamer: menuItem: added test for @render

metamer: orderingList: @validator: added missing @CoversAttributes

metamer: orderingList: @itemLabel, @itemValue: added missing @CoversAttributes

metamer: progressBar: @mode: added missing @CoversAttributes

metamer: ajax: tests for @listener refactored

metamer: autocomplete: removed @filterFunction from facelets (RF-11422)

metamer: ajax: added test for @onerror

metamer: param: tests and facelet refactored, @assignTo covered

metamer: inplaceInput: test for @disabledClass fixed

metamer: inplace*: added test for @valuechangeListener

metamer: pickList: removed @caption from facelets and Attributes (RF-14077)

metamer: panelMenuItem: added test for: @action, @actionListener, @label, @name, @render

metamer: select: added used attributes: @itemLabel and @itemValue to @CoversAttributes

metamer: select: added test for @tabindex, added attribute to facelets

metamer: pickList: added @caption to facelets

metamer: Tab: skip tests for @status and @onbegin (RF-14076)

metamer: Tab: added missing attributes tests

metamer: AbstractWebDriverTest: testRender and testLimitRender is now setting one of @mode or @switchType (instead of just @mode)

metamer: edt, dt: noData facet test changed to test RF-10627, facelet for edt fixed

metamer: list: added workaround for RF-13732, added test back to suite

metamer: validator: removed guardAjax from ajaxSubmit to stabilize tests (wait methods should be sufficient)

metamer: calendar: fixing @todayControlMode test

metamer: push: enable WebSockets on eap 6.3 and up

metamer: calendar: testHeaderButtons stabilization

metamer: dataTable: renamed file for built-in filtering

metamer: dataTable: renamed facelet and fixed to save @sortOrder

metamer: calendar: testMinDaysInFirstWeek, testTodayControlMode: guard ajax request when setting date