george gastaldi <> in Aesh

Adds Checkstyle files to .gitignore

Constants in OSUtils must be final

CommandResult should not be an enum

An enumeration should never change it state (as it was done with setResultValue).

Upgrade to jboss-parent 19

Avoid closing stderr and stdout

Aesh should never attempt to close streams that were not created by Aesh.

Attempting to close it while reading the stream provokes a deadlock

Fixed NPE when logger is null

AESH-327: Added AeshLine.getOriginalInput()

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    • +16
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Updated build.gradle with Main-Class manifest entry

Aesh JAR is now an executable (through java -jar)

Fixed NPE when executing commands that don't use the constructors that call setResultHandler

Using newCachedThreadPool() instead of newFixedThreadPool()

Fixed Console having two reader threads reading the input

Using take() instead of poll()

Moved line separator to a constant in AeshCommandPasteTest

Using blockingQueue.take() instead of poll

[AESH-199] Fixed repeated command names in auto-completion when the current CommandRegistry registers a command present in the internal CommandRegistry

Updated build.gradle

Removed Weld code formatter

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Added getExportManager() to AeshConsole

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Added safe check in AeshInputStream

Terminal extends Closeable

Fixed compilation issue

Updated to jboss-parent 12

ManFileParser state should be reset when the input changes

CommandContainer now extends AutoCloseable

[AESH-148] Renamed AeshPrintWriter to AeshPrintStream

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Enhanced FileOptionCompleter

[AESH-110] AeshConsole and Console now expose PrintWriter. Existing printToStdXXX methods should be deprecated

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Added target to .gitignore