rysiek <> in AeshWebPages

Title correction for downloads page.

Improved page title handling.

Less file changes merged from repository.

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Removed rightcol-downloads layout and used standard rightcol instead for downloads page.

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Corrected title.

Merge pull request #11 from emmanuelbernard/minor

Minor fixes around doc and ignore list

Sorted out issues with JavaScripts handling, tabs, testimonials, back to top button and equal heights columns.

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JavaScript for back to top button.

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Removed Tabzilla javascript till we fix its issues.

Revert "license tracker pages 3-6" commit because it belongs to other repository.

This reverts commit 9fdf0368cd5ea86a08b45415dca5467365a2f990.

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Corrected indentation from spaces to tabs.

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Improved partials imports and made rightcol layout inherit from project layout.

Updated file to follow recent changes.

ORG-1685 Added support for both head and bottom custom javascript files.

ORG-1669 Improved navbar highlighting

Initial navbar tabs highlighting.

ORG-1688 - Improved page titles display.

Corrected apple images filenames to follow convention.

Corrected urls for apple icons in layout.

[ORG-1688] Removed title from layout file and put it on pages.

Style correction to swatches page.

Small corrections of images urls in layout and config improvement.

[ORG-1684] Incorporated project id name into logo file.

[ORG-1684] Added project variable and updated project banner URL with it.

[ORG-1678] Fixed CSS and JS minifiers way of handling files that have no filename extension.

I've added project_images_url variable and applied it in layout. Also updated readme with minor url changes.

Merge branch 'master' of

[ORG-1671] Changed cached urls to point to production

[ORG-1674] Migrated from html_press to htmlcompressor and corrected .awestruct_ignore-s a bit.

Merge pull request #10 from LightGuard/Rakefile