jason t. greene <> in EJBCLIENT

EJBCLIENT-290 Introduce org.jboss.ejb.client.max-retries system property

EJBCLIENT-289 Retry race condition in sendRequestInitial

Next is 4.0.8.Final

Release 4.0.7.Final

EJBCLIENT-287 Add workaround for REM3-315

Next is 4.0.7

Release 4.0.6.Final

Merge tag '4.0.5.Final'

Release 4.0.5.Final

Next is 4.0.5.Final

Release 4.0.4.Final

Next is 3.0.3.Final

Release 3.0.2.Final

Next is 4.0.4.Final

Release 4.0.3.Final

EJBCLIENT-284 Configured (Deployment|Cluster)NodeSelector isn't used

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Fix worker/socket leak in tests

Improve adaptability to PRNG output

EJBCLIENT-285 Reuse seed connection auth config for cluster topology created connections

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Fix test conflict

EJBCLIENT-276 Add support for JTA stickiness

This commit includes the following changes:

- Refactors transaction handling to maintain a mapping of applications to a

target destination on the transaction, thereby sticking proxy invocations for

all beans in that application against the same target node. Additionally the

change prefers nodes already associated with a transaction when new

applications are encountered. The end result is that a transaction will

typically be associated with a single host until it is completed. If, however,

the host does not have the requested bean, this change will maintain an

additional association with a host that does. This leads to a given

transaction having a set of possible associations, and a preference for those


- Corrects affinity association with session open requests, in the case that the

server does not provide one.

- Fixes invocation retries when a remote UserTransaction is used.

- Fixes XA delistment in the case of a retryable error (e.g. not found)

- Introduces a comprehensive set of tests for verifying transactional behavior

against a load-balanced multi-node configuration:

+ Verifies node stickiness when a transaction is active.

+ Verifies distribution across nodes when multiple transactions are used.

+ Verifies retried invocations rebalance.

+ Verifies transaction preference across applications.

+ Verifies non-propogating client TX attributes result in expected node


+ Verifies session open requests as well as general invocations

+ Verifies affinity on session open results in non-propogating

client TX stickiness vs distribution

+ Verifies Remote and Local transaction stickiness

EJBCLIENT-273 - SFSB session open requests should retry

EJBCLIENT-273 - SFSB session open requests should retry

EJBCLIENT-271 Automatic cluster learning on ejb: naming context

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Next is 3.0.2.Final

Release 3.0.1.Final

Next is 4.0.2.Final

Release 4.0.1.Final

Update to released components

[EJBCLIENT-270] Properly handle affinity with respect to session creation