christian sadilek <> in Errai

ERRAI-1019: +Fix MarshallerModelStrategy (details below)

- No longer stop searching after first portable class was

found, but instead collect all matches (a portable class

could be found in a project that is not a webapp e.g.

errai-common when executed from errai root)

- Avoid writing ServerMarshallerFactory.class files to

target dirs of projects which are no webapps

ERRAI-1019: Intermittent build failures with Maven parallel builds (-T)

Delete dead code

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ERRAI-842: Conversational event support for RPCs

- Contains cleanup of existing conversational event logic

Dyn. validation: Add support for constraint violation messages

Dyn. validation: Add missing type aliases for Number subtypes

- This is to ensure that constraint validators for numbers

can be used for all type of numbers e.g. MaxValidatorForNumber

should work for Long, Double, Integer, BigDecimal, etc.

Improve size and generation time of RPC proxies

No longer use gwt-maven-plugin 2.8.0-SNAPSHOT in jsInterop demo

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Fix JsInterop demo to not depend on GWT snapshots

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Fix test failures caused by prev. commit (see below)

- Make sure jsInterop exports are on for JsTypeInjectionTest

- Fix wrong generated method call on EventListener

ERRAI-973: java.lang.Class is not marshallable

Move servlet filter utilities to errai-common

Add filter to inject scripts into host page from script registry

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Fix codegen bug: _elseif triggers generation at statement creation time

ERRAI-972: Cloning of bindable types doesn't clone their non-proxied bindable properties

Cleanup and fixes based on FindBugs analysis

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Remove default method from JsTypeProvider (see below)

GWT is now hiding default methods from generators and

prevents us from generating subtypes of JsTypeProvider

which override getQualifiers:

ERRAI-920: Codegen optimization when constructing CallElements

- No longer create a blame throwable for every instance of CallElement

unless -Derrai-codegen-details is set to true

Fix ERRAI-904: Incorrect processing of nested braces in @PathParam regexes

Improved JavaDocs for ShadowService

Fixes for RPC shadow services (see below)

- RPC return value now properly passed on to remote callback

- Shadow services are now being used if the message bus is

offline, remote communication is disabled or no remote

endpoint for the service exists

- No longer attempt to contact remote endpoint if message

was deferred or was already delivered to a shadow service

- No longer swallow exceptions thrown by shadow service


- Test coverage

Support looking up dynamic annotation members by name

Add support for getQualifiers to JsTypeBeanDefs

* Todo: better support for array members.

* Todo: fix test

Rename External to Shared and WindowScope to SharedSingleton, +javadoc

Fix getName in JsTypeBeanDef

Fix JavaDocs of JsTypeProvider

Support looking up @JsTypes by their @Named values

Provide WF distro to avoid class-loading issues with bundled jetty in latest gwt-dev

- The bundled Jetty in gwt-dev was recently upgraded to 9.2 and now

includes a ServletContainerInitializer that will prevent WildFly

from bootstrapping

- The offending class is org.eclipse.jetty


- There's a pending patch in GWT to unbundle Jetty from gwt-dev:

- This custom WF distro replaces the

ServletContainerInitializerDeploymentProcessor to ignore the offending class

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Fix compilation warning in WindowEventObservers (see below)

- Change return type of get() from list to array since we need to be able

to use it from JavaScript (from another runtime module) and list is not a

"shared" type

Fix compilation problem in proxy agent w/ latest GWT 2.8.0-SNAPSHOTs