heiko-braun <> in Errai

set version 1.1-SNAPSHOT

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remove Outbound and Inbound API elements

license headers

optimize imports

Merge branches 'marcin_merge' and 'master'

added author tag for marcin

Merge branch 'master' of into marcin_merge

ignore DS_Store

set archetype deps to 1.2-SNAPSHOT

set version 1.2-SNAPSHOT

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  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
update userguide chapter on CDI deployment and packaging and conversation scoped beans

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fix the cdi archetype hosted mode setting

limit the cdi threadpool size

prepare 1.1-Final release

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align cdi archetype with Beta2

set version 1.1-Beta2

remove source files from war directory

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fix jboss6 webapp packaging: exclude conflicting libraries

servlet configuration option: service-locator class name: externally create and provide an errai service instance (i.e. CDI container)

consolidate deployment model: errai runs within webapp scope

docs and comments

Update CDI archetype dependencies to weld 1.1.0.Beta2

reset version to 1.1-SNAPSHOT

set version 1.1-Beta1

depend on weld 1.1.0.Beta2

remove dependency on weld-se. Include commented modules (filip)


Added porject description (nexus policy)