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chore: update CI badge

[skip CI]

chore: change build machine

chore: changed build command

chore: remove travis

chore: add circleci config.yml

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chore: remove deprecated prerequisites entry

chore: minor refactoring

chore: add Travis descriptor

chore: update badge

build: update to Roaster 2.20.8.Final

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 3.9.2.Final

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FORGE-2786: Upgrade to Furnace 2.28.2.Final

FORGE-2785: Wait until wizard command is finished before proceeding

Renamed ScriptOperations method

Enhanced parameters in ScriptOperations

Introduce ScriptOperations

fix(script): Minor refactoring

FORGE-2783: Moved generation logic to EntityGenerator class + test

- Updated H2 DB

FORGE-2782: Upgrade to Hibernate Tools 5.2.11.Final

Update README.asciidoc

FORGE-2761: Fixed MavenJavaTargetFacetTest and added support for 9 and 10 source files

FORGE-2781: Update to Maven 3.5.3

FORGE-2780: Upgrade to Furnace 2.28.1.Final

Better error message in test case

Removed unused code

FORGE-2761: Removed JDK_8029516 fix

Use jboss-parent 25

Use jboss-parent 25

doCreate* methods are now protected