lincoln baxter iii <> in Forge

Forge install script supports windows.

Fix FORGE-1427 issue in forge.bad

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Merge branch '2.0' of into 2.0

Minor update to window batch file

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Fix test failure on windows. Projects don't reload themselves.

Migrate to new DependencyEntry API

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Update arquillian adapter to use new lisetener APIs, cleaned up test method executor

Moved furnace to its own repository

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Graphs updated

update printer


Remove comment

PrintGraphTraversalListener is functional

Merge branch '2.0' of into 2.0

Fix FORGE-940 - I think

Merge branch '2.0' of into 2.0

Further fixes for FORGE-940, committing to verify on *nix

Another step toward fixing FORGE-940

Unload module when clearing cache.. Partial fix for FORGE-940. Still another reference being held.

Plugin classpath isolation, hotloading and swapping works on all OS's. Filled out docbook plugin installation guide. DependencyResolver API/SPI is in place.

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fixed NewProjectPlugin on windows

Switched to a clean thread restart when handling ReinitializeEnvironment events

fixed forge.bat to enable color on windows

updated install docs to reflect snapshots location and new 'help' command

docbook version automatically mirrors build version

Test harness correctly creates and cleans up temp folder on windows

file.delete() no longer defaults to recursive