aurelien pupier <> in FuseTooling

FUSETOOLS-1768: Configure InfiniTest to ignore UI tests

Signed-off-by: Aurelien Pupier <>

FUSETOOLS-2460 - Avoid reaffectation of method parameter

FUSETOOLS-2460 - Remove doubled databinding

- remove the extra databinding as it is already done in XXXUICreators

- provide new parameters to add extraValidators to these UICreators


FUSETOOLS-2460 - remove usage of delayed databinding for test

it is failing all tests, not noticed issues in UI due to it even if

would be better to be able to reactivate it later

FUSETOOLS-2460 - reuse CompoundValidator

- rename UICreator

- reuse the CompoundValidator which was already available for Data


FUSETOOLS-2460 - Fix data loss of Factory bean when model is reloaded

FUSETOOLS-2460 - Simplify code

- it adds also a little feature to have a delay before registering into

model for all properties using a Text

FUSETOOLS-1768: Avoid most of the Warnings reported by Eclipse

Signed-off-by: Aurelien Pupier <>

FUSETOOLS-2467 - Remove Catalog generation information from Readme

as there is no more catalog generation

JBIDE-24689 - Improve test robustness

use distinct connection name to avoid collisions

JBIDE-24703 - Remove Integration Stack Target Platform bits

- move up the jboss tools one

- update the jboss-tools target file for the latest versions available

- update readme on how to setup the environment

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JBIDE-24689 - Upgrade parent pom to 4.5.0.FINAL-SNAPSHOT

FUSETOOLS-2464 - use String instead of Charset as Jaxb property

Jaxb is supporting only String

FUSETOOLS-2464 - clean code during investigation

FUSETOOLS-2422 - Handle ids for non-camel elements but with tag name colliding with a camel eip

FUSETOOLS-2422 - Clean code

- use genericity

- specify private constructor as there are only static methods

FUSETOOLS-2422 - start differentiate bean from Camel EIP and from blueprint/spring

FUSETOOLS-2422 - Clean code

- invert equals to have literals on the left to avoid potential NPE

- remove useless parentheses

- remove the literal "false" boolean value

- refactor to not nest more than 3 if/for

FUSETOOLS-2422 - Rename method for better description

FUSETOOLS-2422 - Add non-regression test when a prefix is used for Camel namespace

FUSETOOLS-2456 - check for deletion

if not deleted, trying to create the folders will not work after, but

maybe we can try to just reuse previously created folder

FUSETOOLS-2456 - use adapter

to avoid empty method

FUSETOOLS-2456 - Remove the declaration of thrown exception 'org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException', as it cannot be thrown anymore from method's body

FUSETOOLS-2456 - Immediately return this expression instead of assigning it to the temporary variable

FUSETOOLS-2456 - merge if statement with the enclosing one

FUSETOOLS-2456 - remove unused import

FUSETOOLS-2263 - fix previous factorize code

FUSETOOLS-2263 - reapply code cleaning which has been lost during a rebase

FUSETOOLS-2263 - add back an extracted class which might have been lost during a rebase

FUSETOOLS-2263 - remove unused Wildfly Catalog commented code

Wildfly catalog is not yet active, this code will be added:reworked when

we will support it, better to have a cleaner code base