grzegorz grzybek <> in FuseTooling

Fix name collision with java.lang.Process

Fixing the detection of Camel Processors

ide-codegen: generate "eclipse" model & editor entirely using Velocity

Moving ide-codegen to Java7

ide-codegen large part of "-DcodeGen=eclipse" templates converted to Velocity

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ide-codegen converted to Java and Velocity

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tools/ide-codegen compiles now (in 2014)

Working, non-scala version of ide-buildtools

replaced Scala code by pure Java

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Run Downloader during prepare-package phase. Just run "mvn package"

Downloading XSDs and archetypes

[FUSETOOLS-1202] added generation of a meta data file for connectors in camel for the editor palette (non-Scala version)

Migrating tools/ide-buildtools from Scala to Java