james strachan <> in FuseTooling

use nicer labels and tooltips for the generated camel json schema

use correct JS type names for json schema

use the correct json schema type of "string" for camel expressions

fixed up the hawtio code generation so that the processor/pattern id is used for nested items

fixed up the hawtio code generation so that it deals with nested collection generics (e.g. headers on a WireTap) and uses the latest hawtio directory structure

tidied up the camel model generation for hawtio

use correct field name :)

added a code generator to make json schema for the known camel headers in the org.apache.camel.Exchange class so we can use them in hawtio

added a partial fix for ECLIPSE-922 though it seems of the 2 connections added from the unmarshal -> endpoint and convertBodyTo -> endpoint; on the the latter appears in the diagram for some reason? Could some code be filtering out multiple connections to the same target?

avoid icky html encoding of hawtio json schema

attempt to use nicer text encoding; though the code generated pretty json ignores it :)

improved the hawtio code generator to properly add the canAcceptInput / canAcceptOutput / nextSiblingAddedAsChild flags for the web editor

removed old code that has moved into the fusesource/fuse project at org.fusesource.camel.tooling.util.CamelModelUtils in the camel-tooling-util jar

improved the hawtio code generation; use more strict groups of core endpoints and use combo box/enum for language

fix typos in generator

add better union support for generated hawtio json schema (e.g. for marshal) along with schema for related classes

added better hawtio json; avoid standard classes like string/list, add proper extends and type=object clauses, add more common camel base classes and a base endpoint type

latest code generation for hawtio to make nicer pretty printed json

updated the model to use more json schema style structure for hawtio's generated JS model

fixed generation of archetype XML to use the overidden version

add latest archetypes

deal with stale indices and just override the versions found with the known versions if the index is stale

fixed logging & refactor so we could force the version string in the search if we wanted

updated the XSD downloading; so we use the versions of camel and activemq from the parent pom to download the XSDs. Also it looks like activemq-core has changed to activemq-spring. Include the latest xsds too...

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add the latest archetypes

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generate the archetypes.xml file

first cut of new java based archetype downloader; needs the XSDs too but its now all Java so easier to maintain :)

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revert previous javax.inject change


use mvn variable with a default value for the code generation

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