lhein <> in FuseTooling

remove customId attribute generation (see FUSETOOLS-1172)

fixes broken run/debug actions when having no file selected (see FUSETOOLS-1165)

fix exceptions on abnormal debugger termination (FUSETOOLS-1166)

added breakpoint manipulation buttons to the node's hover pad (FUSETOOLS-1169)

fix id generation when setting breakpoints (FUSETOOLS-1168)

add validation for conditions (see FUSETOOLS-1162)

switched to java7 minimum

  1. … 18 more files in changeset.
added delete action and add action for variables (see FUSETOOLS-1161)

added conditional breakpoints (see FUSETOOLS-1160)

added variable watching while debugging (see FUSETOOLS-1155)

changed name of the debug settings variable

better breakpoint node highlighting (see FUSETOOLS-1154)

added features for enable/disable breakpoint (see FUSETOOLS-1157)

fixed prefixes of autogenerated id fields (see FUSETOOLS-1159)

fixed labels in breakpoint view (see FUSETOOLS-1156)

fixed broken uninstall (see FUSETOOLS-1152) and allowed to give custom names to projects

fixed too early Finish button availability in new Project Wizard (see FUSETOOLS-1149)

only allow deployment of WAR and BUNDLE packaging projects (see FUSETOOLS-1087)

reworked the cheat sheet (see FUSETOOLS-1140)

projects with WAR packaging type now use jetty plugin to start local instead of camel plugin (see FUSETOOLS-1077)

minor code cleanup

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improving usability (see FUSETOOLS-1145)

enabled update runtime context(FUSETOOLS-1143) and fixed broken source tab (FUSETOOLS-1144)

fixes broken "Edit Routes" action on the Camel Context JMX Node (see FUSETOOLS-1142)

removing old modules from the codebase

  1. … 1173 more files in changeset.
added Camel debugger (see FUSETOOLS-439)

  1. … 107 more files in changeset.
fixed missing dependency on fabric8 core adapter

added version to target-platform-utils plugin

disabled the "Close Context" action for Camel Context nodes (see FUSETOOLS-1115)