rob stryker <> in FuseTooling

JBIDE-23038 - Fuse runtime detection never makes a server (#655)

JBIDE-21205 (related) - fusetools is broken for runtime detection

Allow karaf classpath provider for runtimes to be reached from camel project

FUSETOOLS-1230 part b - do not match filter on pallete element's description, just the name

Updated the logic for updateBundle to ensure it converted the file path to url

Karaf 3.0.4 fails to start without these changes

finish initial version of the model i/o

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Create new bundles for foundation, model service api, and model service implementation

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reworking internal model classes

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Generated camel 2.15.2 model service impl bundle

NPE when removing jms example project from fuse6.1 server, error in discovering bundle id and version

runtime doesn't pull latest jre, logger is inactive, deployer does not properly create file url

Updates to missing schema location for camel content handler






Trying to debug missing camel contexts



Add camel project support to other server adapters (servicemix, fuse)

Ensuring configurator works as expected; missing files

Trying to get maven configurator added



Initial commit, refactor publish to separate assembly from transfer of file... added camel project, classpath container for runtimes, etc

fixed blueprint xml, ensured can generate blueprint.xml, worked to separate web vs util project logic, preparing to create zipped publishing for utility project

First successful publish of a utility project

Ensure project structure isn't changed unless explicitly requested by workflow during creation of new camel project or adding camel facet to existing utility projects






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fixed the broken terminal view (see FUSETOOLS-1275)

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Allows build to at least compile, even if functionality is missing

FUSETOOLS-1137 - Link servers view jmx node with auto-discovered jvm monitor connection

FUSETOOLS-1136 - Fix karaf runtime fragment to use newest changes in astools

JBIDE-17481 fuse side impl

JBIDE-17481 fuse side impl

JBIDE-17481 fuse side impl

JBIDE-17481 fuse side impl

Cleanup of code to make behavior changes more clear in class structure

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UI plugin does not start when server view is loaded. This causes shell not to be shown after server starts. Fixed

Forgot to change launch tabs for new launch type

Implementation of first startup / shutdown controllers

Moved opening of terminal into UI, removed all deps from karaf.core to UI code

Renamed 'SSH Port Number' to 'SSH Port'